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Machine Learning for Data Science Using MATLAB

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Machine Learning for Data Science Using MATLAB

This course is for you if you want to have a real feel of the Machine Learning techniques without having to learn all of the complicated math. Additionally, this course is also for you if you have had previous hours of machine learning theory but could never figure out how to implement and solve data science problems with it.

The approach in this course is very practical and we will begin with the basics. We will immediately start coding after a couple of introductory tutorials and we try to keep the theory to bare minimal. All of the coding will be done in MATLAB which is one of the fundamental programming languages for engineer and science students, and is frequently used by top data science research groups world wide.

Below is a complete list of topics covered in the video. You will find the timestamps on YouTube.

    • Introduction
    • Intro to MATLAB
    • Intro to Data Preprocessing
    • Importing Data into MATLAB
    • Handling Missing Data Part 1
    • Handling Missing Data Part 2
    • Feature Scaling
    • Outliers Part 1
    • Outliers Part 2
    • Dealing with Categorical Data Part 1
    • Dealing with Categorical Data Part 2
    • Data Preprocessing Template

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