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10 FREE Udemy Coupons – 7/20/20

Learn Python for data science, Angular, C++, Java and more with these 10 FREE Udemy course coupons. Enroll now for a limited time!

  1. Python for Data Science and Data Analysis Masterclass: 2020 – Learn Python for Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Data Analysis, Hand’s on NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib!
  2. A Hands On Python 3 Course – Learn From Scratch – Learn and understand python from scratch and be able to write your own code
  3. Learn Basics And Advanced Of Angular From Scratch – Get to know angular programming from scratch. A complete beginner’s guide for learning angular
  4. A Beginner’s Guide To Learn C++ Programming – Learn and understand c++ programming from scratch
  5. Java for ABSOLUTE beginners! [April 2020 Edition] – Learn to code in java from scratch.Go from beginner to learning some of the most essential java basics
  6. Learn Swift 4 in 1 Hour – Learn the fundamentals of Swift 4, programming language from Apple
  7. Introduction to the PMP®, PMBOK® and PMI® – PMBOK Structure and PMP Exam Taking Conditions
  8. Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 MasterClass – Full course of adobe illustrator by a simple way
  9. 2020 Complete Guide to YouTube Channel & YouTube Masterclass – TubeHeroes – Practical & Complete Guide to YouTube Growth, YouTube Channel & YouTube Masterclass
  10. FACEBOOK GROUPS for Marketers – Discover How To Utilize Facebook Groups, Modern Facebook Marketing and Hashtags to grow your audience group

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Python Programming Tutorial for Beginners

Hello everyone and welcome to our Python programming course for beginners. Before we begin with the actual coding, let us talk about a few things such as who this course is for, and what we will be doing in this course. If you enjoy this tutorial, you can get the complete course for only $9.99!

First of all, we will be using Python 3 in this course. The reason why we are using Python 3 is because Python 2 will no longer be supported in 2020. Therefore, what we want to learn is Python 3 programming, which is similar to Python 2. If you have experience with Python 2, the syntax is rather similar. We will cover the changes between 2 and 3 throughout this course.

We are going to use Python 3, as I said, because it is the version that will be used going forward. Every Python 2 platform will need to be updated to Python 3, and therefore we are going to download and use Python 3.

Let us talk a bit about who this course is best suited for. If you are a student and you would like to learn Python programming, this will be the perfect course for you. We will cover everything from the very basics of programming to more advanced concepts later on. If you would like to make this your career and become a Python developer, you can take this course and you will learn a lot from it.

The Python language is useful for several different applications, such as web development, scripting, networking, automation, etc. We will cover all of these areas with coding demonstrations.

We will begin this course by downloading Python 3 for our Windows 10 machine. I will show you how to setup Python in Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS, but we will be mostly coding in the Windows 10 environment. I will be running an Ubuntu virtual machine, which we will use later on in the networking section, where we are going need two machines to communicate with one another. However, we will do most of our coding in the Windows 10 environment.

So that will be about it for this introduction to Python. In the next lecture I will explain a bit about Python, and we’re going to also download Python 3 for our Windows 10 environment.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope I see you in the next one. Bye!

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