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Introduction to Xamarin App Development

Hi! My name is Joseph and welcome to this tutorial on how to create a note taking app in Xamarin. Now, I’ve been through a few tutorials myself online and generally, they just tell you how to create the individual bits and pieces within an app and within the GUI of apps. This course will be different because here we’re going to make a final product. If you follow this course, completely, at the end, if you sign up for a developer account at Apple or Android, you’d actually be able to publish your very own app. So, the best way to learn of course is to create something real and what we’re going to do in this course is create a clone of a popular note taking app called Evernote, which I have up here on my Itunes store. Evernote is fairly complicated at this point, you can take notes, take photos, annotate things, and share them with friends. We’re just going to do a simplified version of it just to get you into the app making ecosystem. So, I want us to allow us to take notes, delete notes, mark notes as completed etc.