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Introduction to Networking on Linux

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So, we’re all done with the user accounts and groups and stuff and we’re gonna move on to networking. Networking is a big topic in and of itself, and so there’s no humanly way possible I’d be able to teach you everything there is to know about networking, and I don’t plan to. What I plan to do is give you guys the most essential and necessary information about networking and then take that as you want and you know further development, but this should be a starting point for you. It should help you understand what’s actually happening on a network, and even what network is. So, for people new to I guess computers, technology, and maybe not new but maybe you’ve used the internet before and you just haven’t thought about you know what’s actually happening, and that’s how I was for a long time actually. I had worked with an internet service provider and before I worked there I just though you know the internet was magic. That you know I opened up a web browser and type in a series of letters you know separated by a few dots that somehow, magically, I didn’t really care how it happened at that point it went out and found a page. You know magically brought it to my computer, and so if that’s the kind of understanding you guys have at this point this is going to be some really great information for you guys to take and really absorb.