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How did I get 2,000 followers in my first 2 weeks on Twitter?

Growing a Free Following Using Tweepi

Let’s begin building our free, SEO targeted Twitter following. The first step is to find a Twitter profile to pull followers from. When building up Twitter profiles on behalf of clients I would do a Google search similar to this:

kim garst

This was an ideal profile to begin pulling followers from because at the time she had over 300,000 and was doing a similar following strategy as the one I will show you. Finding someone in the same geographical are isn’t necessary, but you want to make sure you find a page that posts similar content.

Next, you will want make an account with Tweepi Tweepi is a Twitter management tool that will allow you to rapidly follow/unfollow people.


The free version of Tweepi let’s you follow 250 and unfollow 100 users per day. These limits reset at midnight PST.

free tweepi follow limits

Once you create your account and link your Twitter profile, you can begin following new people. Click the “Follow Followers” link.

follow followers

The next screen will prompt you to type in the username of the person you want to pull followers from.

@user followers

If you haven’t found a page you want to follow the followers of, feel free to use my Twitter profile @UdemyJoe nearly everyone should follow you back. Before you begin following users, scroll down to the bottom of the page and increase the number of users to 40 per page. You will then be prompted to give Tweepi a quick shout out.

tweepi 40 users per page

We are almost ready to begin following profiles. First, let’s set up a few filters to find the people who are the most likely to follow us back.

tweepi filters

You do not have to include all of these, just be sure and use the follow ratio filters. A follow ratio of 100% means that the user follows all of his followers. I use the last tweeted and profile image filters to make sure I am following active Twitter users. The friend or follower is neither removes profiles I have already followed from the list. If no users show up on the list it means the system has filtered them all out. Just keep skipping pages until you find new users to follow.

If you are using a brand new Twitter account there is a good chance you will need to unlock your account.

twitter locked account

This is why I recommended adding you mobile phone during during the sign-up process. Just wait for the confirmation number and follow the instructions that Twitter gives you.

unlock twitter account

Next, we will unfollow users who do not follow us back. Remember, you need to wait at least 3 days before unfollowing anyone you follow through Tweepi. Start by clicking the “You follow” button.


Next, set-up the filter “Friend or follower” → “Not following you”

unfollowing filter

Results are displayed in chronological order so start with the last page.

chrono order

I like to begin each new day by following people who follow us first via the “You’re not following back button.

follow people following you

Rinse & repeat each day 🙂

Tweepi Platinum

The free version of Tweepi is a great tool for getting started, but the premium version enables you to do so much more with building your following. With premium you can follow 950 and unfollow 500 users per day and you can unfollow users down to the specific day since you first follow them. With platinum you can save filters, follow based on a geo-targeted Tweet search, and look for users based on their interests. Platinum also enables you display 200 users per page which allows you to follow faster. Click the “Upgrade to Premium” button for the package that best suits your needs.


The “Tweet Search” feature allows you to follow people based on their geographical location.


If you are building a profile for a local or regional business this is an awesome feature because it enables you to find people in a specific area. Let’s pretend I own a coffee stand in Seattle and want to find people who tweet about coffee.

tweet search

After we set up a few filters we can begin following.

geo targeted

You can also search for users by bio, interest, full name, company name, or location.

user search

Let’s say I wanted to network with other people affiliated with Udemy. I would use “Udemy” as the query and set up the normal filters.

follow by user search

The premium version of Tweepi is great if you need to take targeting to the next level. I mainly use Tweepi premium for the increased following limits. I hope this system makes sense and helps you to grow your following on Twitter. Happy following!

This post was pulled from the material in my Twitter Marketing in 2016: Get New Followers Daily! course on Udemy. Enroll now and get 50% off the purchase price!

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