Learn Ethical Hacking Episode #8: Installing VirtualBox on Windows


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Hello everybody and welcome to this tutorial. Today, I will show you how to install VirtualBox within a Windows environment.

Previously, I have shown you how to install VirtualBox within a Linux environment, and it is a bit more complex there because you do need to add repositories, and then pull the packet from the repositories. However, on Windows the process is fairly straightforward. Go ahead and open up your favorite browser, mine is Firefox, and navigate to the following website:


Click on downloads and choose VirtualBox 5.2.8 for Windows hosts. So just go ahead and click on the link to prompt the download. I’m just going to go ahead and navigate over to my downloads folder, then I’m going to go ahead and double click on the VirtuablBox file in order to initiate the installation wizard.

Keep in mind that this Windows system I am currently using is actually a virtual machine, and I am conducting an installation of VirtualBox within a machine that is being run within yet another virtual machine. You can see I’ve minimized it and I can pull it now around, but it works just fine. The installation process will go smoothly without any problems. So, just go ahead and click Next, and you can actually browse for a different installation location here, but the default one will do just fine. Just go ahead and click Next, create shortcuts, register file Association, sure why not. Click Next. Here it is telling you that it will reset your network connection, so if you don’t want that to happen you might hold the installation process. Anyway, just go ahead and click yes, install, and there we go. Don’t worry about this, it’s not an error, it’s just Windows asking for our permission. Anyway, the installation process has started here without any problems. And as I was talking about it previously, this is a virtual machine within a virtual machine. The installation of the program will finish without any problems. However, if you plan to run another virtual machine within this VirtualBox, within this virtual machine, you might encounter some problems. So, start the VirtualBox after installation finish, sure, why not.

In any case, we have our VirtualBox manager here, and the process of creating new virtual machines is exactly the same, more or less, the options are in the same places. I’m just going to go ahead and close it now. I will go ahead and uninstall it from this Windows system because I will be runnning it on Fedora Linux. I hope that this guide was the helpful for all of the Windows users out there. Much of the world uses Windows, however, for pentesting purposes, for ethical hacking, Windows is not the best operating system to use. It’s a lot harder to make yourself anonymous with Windows, and most of the pentesting tools were actually designed for Linux, Unix like environments, to work in combination with their terminals. However, the choice of the operating system is completely up to you. I will be working with Fedora Linux, and I will most likely be using this Windows machine as some sort of a victim, which we will be attacking and exploiting. Anyway, I bid you all farewell, and I hope to see you in the next tutorial.

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