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Using SSH to Access the Command Line of a Remote Host

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Hey guys, in this video it’s all about SSH. So, first what is SSH? It’s an abbreviation that stands for Secure Shell and it basically allows you to access the shell or the command line of a remote host that has an SSH server setup. So, in one of the previous videos I connected via SSH to my own server and so I’m gonna do that again, and I’m going to explain exactly what I’m doing as I’m doing it. So, the way to get connected to a remote host through command line is using the “ssh” command, and then the only argument it’s gonna take is the connection string. So, in this case it’s my username on my remote host at, and then the remote host. So, I can use this or any other domain name that points to that server or I could use the server’s IP address, and when I hit enter it’s gonna ask for my password on that machine, so I’m gonna put it in and you’re gonna see that the prompt is gonna change. I’ve actually got this machine named the exact same thing is I have my server name, so it’s nick@voltron here, and I’m on my local machine. So, if I were to go to “var/www/html” and then run the “ls” command, I’m gonna see that I’ve got a lot of directories here actually, and a lot of these are actually unused and old projects that I worked on. But, anyway, basically once you get connected all the commands are the exact same because it’s essentially just a remote Linux shell. So, I could return to my home directory, then list those files, and you’ll see that again I’ve got just a bunch of random files. So, that is how to connect to SSH, when you’re done just type exit the connection will be closed. So, that was a really short video just to recap how to get connected is type “ssh” your remote user name at the name of the remote host, and hit enter and its gonna ask for your password. So, thank you guys for watching this video. In the next video we are going to be going over some SFTP, which is a bit bigger.