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Learn Ethical Hacking Episode #1: Introduction


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Hello everybody and welcome to this introductory video! Today, I will be talking about ethical hacking, and I will also introduce you to the course itself.

You might have noticed that the term ethical hacking is composed out of two words: you have ethical, and you have hacking. Now hacking, the definition of hacking, is quite broad. The act of hacking consists of compromising any system, not just computer or digital systems. For example, lock picking is a form of hacking. The ethical side of it would be when you have permission to do it, when it’s within the constraints of the law.

Anyway, this course will focus on computer systems. We will cover how to penetrate networks, how to exploit systems, how to break into computers, how to compromise routers, etc. After you have finished the course, after you have absorbed all of the information in it, you will gain the ability to do some serious damage. Now, because of this, I wish to give a disclaimer. First off, I do not encourage any sort of illegal activity. Furthermore, I strongly advise against it. This tutorial is purely for education purposes.

The field of network security is growing rapidly, and many networks tend to be insecure. There are many opportunities for knowledgeable pen-testers, and I hope you find the tutorials useful!

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